boracay rocks..!

Boracay is famous for being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation. This is number 1 on my list because the very first time I set foot on this island,  I fell in love with it. Since then,  I always visit the island . . year after year. I actually spent 3 birthdays  and 2 summers there.

Let me share with you the last time I went there. It was only this year and yes,  it was my birthday . May 12 is the exact date of my birthday so I was on vacation  from May 11-14. If  I wanna  have a real good time and celebrate life, this is the place to be. As usual  I will be sharing the TOP 5 EXPERIENCES/PLACES/ACTIVITES  I did   in Boracay. I want you know what  i did last summer.

I spent  my first day at the (1)  "WHITE BEACH" .  It  is what I always dream of whenever I think of summer. It has crystal clear blue water and the softest sand ever. I never get bored in the white beach. During that time I can call myself a certified beach bum. I just spent time lying on the beach side, drinking  jhonas'  fruit shake and  with some glass of beer below zero on my side. I did people watching (bikini babes),  I was a crazy, lazy, sexy guy at the beach with just my boardshort,  carrying an " i don't care what happens next attitude".

Prior to going to Boracay, I already made a plan to visit (2)  "ARIEL'S  POINT". I learned on their website that it is  a breathtaking eco-adventure destination .  It is just 30-45 min boat ride away from Boracay ‘s white beach, a 5-hour daytrip package for only 1,500 pesos per person. It is a  "DO ALL YOU CAN, EAT AND DRINK  KIND OF THING".  It is famous for its five cliff-diving platforms (3 meters to 13 meters). So, that's exactly what I did. After my breakfast, I went straight to the registration area of Ariel's Point. I was with some backpackers from the US whom I met back at the guesthouse where I stayed. (I will blog about that too real soon). To get there we need to ride a galleon boat sort of. It was total fun. We partied right away. Cool music started playing at the boat, cocktail drinks overflowed, we danced, chat, laugh and went crazy. We were overjoyed when we get to the exact point. We did enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. We had unlimited food, BBQ buffet and bottomless beverages!Their promo didn't fail. I was totally satisfied. BUT ,there is one thing I want you to know. I am afraid of heights. I just wanted to take photos and eat and drink. It was my birthday, I don't wanna do dangerous things during this time of year. UNFORTUNATELY, my newfound friends noticed that I was the only one in our group who wasn't diving. They started teasing me and never stopped. I cried . . . NO... HELP... STOP... PLEASE... NOT NOW MAYBE NEXT TIME.  They heard nothing. They insisted. I  got no choice. SO I DID WHAT THEY WANTED. I gathered enough strength and courage and found myself on the edge of the diving board. YES I GAVE IN.. I GAVE UP.. I  DID CLIFF DIVING. (to the bucket list) . We  partied again at the BOAT on  our way back to the White Beach.

I had a headache the morning after my birthday,  however, it was tolerable. I actually ended my birthday ...  drinking the night away.   So, when  I wake up, I decided to go to the (3) "PUKA BEACH".  I wanted to have alone time. I wanted to be away from the crowd. Compared to the White Beach,  it is so serene and so quiet. I even managed to sleep for a few minutes and got tanned real fast.   The  few people on the beachline gives it the sense of exclusivity. I was told by the locals that the sand was crumpled puka shells so that gives a rough and rugged feel on one's feet. With  my lagu beach towel, I laid down, applied armada sports sunblock and went on sun worshipping while listening to reggae music thru my ipod.

Every first timers in Boracay should try the  (4) "LEISURE ACTIVITIES"  which includes sunset sailing, usual swimming, sand castle building, and various water sports rides. Since I already tried them before, i opted not to do it again. I am already satisfied with sunset watching. enough with the sports activities because they're sort of pricey and I only intended to spend more on food (another blog coming) . the only sports i did was early morning run. Barefoot running (5k) on the beachside. I love the feel of the fine sand.

My last night on the island was epic. It was the best night ever. I joined   (5) "BORACAY PUB CRAWL" -The most awesome way to experience the island's famous nightlife! It is the hippest bar-hopping event in Boracay.  I made sure to register before dinnertime. I was asked to get back to meeting area at exactly 8pm. I went there a little late after about 15 minutes on the agreed time. I was given a shooter glass with lanyard so i can wear it like a neck-piece hanging, and an “ iconic yellow pub crawl shirt. The good thing about the shirt was, once you started wearing it”, you get free entrance in various bars , get discounts on drinks. I met all the other pubcrawlers.  The rule was "there are no strangers here" and we need to mingle with all the  exciting people from around the globe and play “getting to know you” games. We went to 5 different bars, I got some random kisses from some girls...Got to wrestle with some guys, got bullied on drinking . . .  all in  the name of fun. I really had great time. But felt bad because it was my last night and I have to get back to Manila the morning after.

So, that's exactly what happened  to me last summer of 2013. A birthday celebration spent so well. On heading back to Manila,there was a smile on my face, an excitement on my eyes (can't wait to share my story to my friends back in the workplace) ... moreover, there was a big question mark. On my mind there was a big question which lingers... the question of..WHEN WILL I  BE BACK TO BORACAY...????


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