Monday, August 26, 2013

good things come in five

I have read several travel articles regarding people’s experience and adventure and they come with great tip off. What I always look for are suggestions, word of advice and warnings. I learned a lot from all those text. So I thought of sharing my own exposure and experience.

However I only want to slice them into five. Not the usual top ten.

The reason is so simple. I only use my five senses :
1. touch
2. taste
3. smell
4.  hearing
5.  sight

plus, every time i meet someone whether  old friends and new acquaintances,  i say . . .  "gimme five" or shout . . .  "high five"..! It's a good way of greeting people and making them aware that you are welcoming his/her presence.

So watch out for my next top 5 picks. Favorite places, food, everthing i have tasted, witnessed, experience and explored, will all come in five. Yes, I will give you FIVE.


  1. Hi Japol ~~ I like your organization for your new blog. I copied them down as I also write of travels..

    But I try to make it interesting, informative, and educational. All on the light side. Mor likely than not there will be food, more looks than tastes.

    Best wishes for your endeavor here. BTW your sister told of your blog.

    One more thing: you will have to cultivate readership. Leave a comment whenever and wherever you visit. Many will reciprocate. And keep on if they like what the read and see (I use quite a few pictures).
    And read others and leave comments.

    1. hi there Jim.! thanks for the comment. i surely will take your advice. if i have the luxury of time, i will run through different blogs with the same interest as mine for i know i will learn a thing or two from them.
      you rock..!