leave no stone unturned

I love to travel.
I am someone who is incapable of staying in the same place for very long time. Two to three days are enough for me.

If I've been to a certain place and did what supposed to be done...

I find another place where I could explore and enjoy more.

I travel alone. When I choose a place to visit and if things don’t work out the way it has been planned,
or if anything goes wrong,I only have myself to blame.

I am comfortable going about my life without ever asking permission from other people.

I travel by myself because it brings new possibilities.

I know I could meet more new people along the way and I am very much open to whatever may transpire.

It’s fun to visit places where no one knows me. I can be whoever I choose to be.

Excitement - is the key word here.

I would like you to join me in all my travels.

Read through it. Experience.

Get to know the place where I’ve been … no rush.


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