LILIW: my very own “stone foundation”

Before I feature different destinations I would like to give priority to the town which is so dear to me… Liliw, Laguna.  It is situated  at the foot of Mount Banahaw, 17 kilometers away from Santa Cruz, the capital of the province of Laguna.
There are  5 reasons why I love this place:
1. St. John TheBaptist Parish Church with its imposing belfry and elegant bricked facade.

2. Cold water spring resorts
3. Best quality slippers (tsinelas). Choose among the array of  Footwear stores along Gat Tayaw Street
4. Lambanog and several delicacies

5. I was born and raised there.

My mom and dad were both from this place. This small town has given me sweet memories of my childhood together with my 2 siblings.. Being raised as a Catholic, I never miss any Sunday masses in the antique church, I spent summer enjoying and swimming in the resorts’  ice cold water, my first slippers were authentic leather which lasted more than a year, I also had my first taste of wine and got real drunk with lambanog during my teen years.

There are so much I can say about this town and I will surely share them all to you just follow this blog and I will feature each of them bit by bit.


  1. i always love the old architecture of our churches in the Philippines, and also love the waterfalls. your town has such a colorful street, depicting happiness and joyfulness of the ways of the people there. congrats on your new blog, big sister featured it :)

  2. there's no place like home.

    congrats on this new "wandering blog". keep rolling!


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