boROCKcay: May 12 -13, 2013: National Election Time: LIQUOR BAN for filipinos

Japol at a famous bar in Boracay trying his luck on ordering beer. 
Japol :  beer please?

waiter:  sir,we don't serve beer for now.  

japol: excuse me?

waiter: sir, we don't serve beer to filipinos. only to foreigners because it is election time.

Japol:   seriously?  oh c'mon..! (using American accent) . you can't shoo me away, man. i was like craving for cold beer right now...  look at me.. I'm sure  you can hand me some bottles, right..?  lemme tell you . . .  I don't take "NO" for an answer.

the waiter looked at  Japol closer, like scrutinizing him...
(the waiter noticed his skin color. it was tanned, burned, sunkissed and so dark. plus the exaggerated way he talked ... hoping to pass like an american)
Waiter: sir , you're lucky because you're a foreigner. it is liquor ban time and we don't give beer to filipinos. like what i said earlier, it is  election time. 

Japol: oh really now? that sucks..!  

Waiter: yes sir.

Japol: well if that will be the case, give me some more. i wanna enjoy the moment. too bad I can't  tag along a few of my filipino friends..!

Waiter: here's your order sir...!

Japol: CHEERS...!     ( too much sun worshipping at the PUKA BEACH has a good effect on Japol . He looked more like a black guy and that made him so sexy)

now Japol joins the the foreign peeps to party . . .