me and my shadow

Solo Traveling is a far out adventure and can be a very rewarding experience, although there will also come a time that a snag will come along . But that’s part of the thrill and excitement.

There are boons and drawbacks in solo traveling.

*No one to watch your back and your backpack. You carry it anywhere you go even on short stopovers for pee time.
*You also get much attention from the crowd at all times. Never read maps on the streets.
*Costly. No one to split the bill with. Rooms are mostly the same price be it single or double.
*You may experience a brief period of blahs.
*When the going gets tough, no one is there to let out your emotion and it’s difficult to find someone always ready to listen to you.
*You own your time! You can choose to stay short time or longer time in any spots you are in. No hassle. No rush.
*You get to meet the locals and know more about their culture.
*If things wont work out well, you only got yourself to blame . No arguments!
*You’re free to do and eat whatever you want.
*You become independent.

1.Find a way in. Be acquainted with the place you’re going to. Know the basics of where to go and what to do.

2.Look for a travel-friendly accommodation where you can safely do a few z's, safe and secured.

 3.Pay attention to your instincts. Stay safe. Keep that alert button ever ready.

4.Rise to the occasion. Learn to mix. Make new friends.

5.Chow down the food which can only be found in that place.

Remember. The world was made for us to expore. Never stay in one place. Always have fun. Celebrate. Life is a party . . . !


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