rocking Baguio...!

I still remember the first time I visited Baguio. I was still a small 7-year-old kid. My mom tagged me along to visit her cousin, my aunt doctor who just came home from the US. I cannot forget that day because I knew then that summer was over and the day we left for Baguio was my supposedly first day in grade school. The funny thing was, my mom said it was okay to be absent for one week because my teacher was a close friend of hers and will just do a “get to know your classmates game” and will most of the times just play around in the classroom area. She was confident that I can cope with it. Cool Mom. So, off to Baguio we did.  I slept all throughout the travel time. I had a motion sickness then and the only way to prevent me from throwing up was sleep. I was in awe when I finally saw Baguio. Cool, cold place. We met my aunt and her 2 sons. I loved it when I saw my aunt and my mom talking because every time they talk, it was like they were smoking cigar. Like a smoke coming out of their mouths, that’s how cold the weather was. BUT OF COURSE, I know it was vapor going out from  warm lungs to the cold weather outside and it condenses and forms what looks like smoke. They actually had a nice house there. My 2 cousins were so cool.  We clicked right away. We were so hyper. i remembered my cousins just talked about surfing most of the time. It was a thing they loved doing back in the states, which I also enjoyed doing eventually. (I will blog about it soon). My mom and I stayed there for a week. The vivid memories I remember during my stay there was the great food and the perfect weather. We visited so many places. We had photos everywhere (which unfortunately I couldn’t find any more) I wanted to live there forever. ON our way back home, I promised myself. I will be going back there over and over again. 


Top 5 Park & Garden: 
1. Burnham Park – famous for its boating lake with beautiful flower garden surrounding it. 

2.Wright Park – awesome horse back riding place. 

 3.Mines View Park -it gives a good top view of the old Gold mines of Baguio. 

4.Botanical Garden –it is a wonderful place for picnic. Have your picture taken with the family of Igorots for a small fee. 

5.Sunshine Park -see flowers and plants that can only  grow in cool climates. There is also a stage found in the middle of the park which is a venue for cultural shows.

Top 5 Must-see Places :
1.Baguio Cathedral -it is unique with its Pink fa├žade, Rose windows and twin Bell Towers. 

2.Lourdes Grotto - you can find the statue of Our lady of Lourdes. To reach the grotto one must climb the 252 steps stairs 

3.The Mansion -the official Summer residents of the Philippine President. The main gates are an exact replica of the gates at Buckingham Palace in London. 

4.Camp John Hay - a really good place to go for a day out. Go shopping at Mile-Hi Centre. Choose among its adventure package: Horse Back Riding, Paint Balling, Camping, Picnicking, Eco- Trail Venturing. 

5.Philippine Military Academy - the premier military institution of the country and is the training ground for future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Witness the marching precision of the Cadet Corps of the AFP.

              Years passed.. I grew older and I still fulfilled my promised to Baguio. It has been one my favorite places. Our whole family went there when my mom & dad celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. I went there together with my 2 siblings and 2 cousins. I went there with my college friends. I went there with my office mates. I even went there alone. Last year, my sister came home from  Maine, USA .  I gave her the idea of visiting Baguio once more and we had a blast. Too bad, my brother was in Hongkong that time and he wasn't able to join us. Nevertheless, here are our photos together:

                I really love Baguio. So, watch out for more Baguio experiences on my next blog. I will tell more about  my new discoveries there. 

More exciting places, cool restaurants and chillax spots. .  . and yes... MORE PHOTOS. . . !