da bomb baler

Surfing has given me a great feeling of adventure and adrenaline rush.  I made friends with some of the surfers back in La Union and I learned that there are a lot of other surfing spots that can be found in our country. One of them is Baler.

The dudes I met talked so much about Baler for it is widely known  for  its juicy waves. I became so curious and I right away made plan to visit the place so I can of course catch the tides  and do beach bumming as well. I also enjoy watching the mega-rippers doing the moves.

As an ace traveler, my sole purpose of going to Baler is to ride the surfboard. Every time I get to ride, I become so aggro, hoping to become a bad ass.  I have visited the town about 3 times. However, the last time I went there, the sea was flat. Waveless. I couldn't complain because it was the month of May and I knew before going there that the chance of getting a good swell is so slim.

That time, I decided to just bum around , grab some beer and read ebook on my kindle fire along the beach side while lying on my Lagu beach blanket. However, a local approached me and suggested I explore Baler's other attractions - history trail and eco trip. I availed of the latter. I  was so amazed when i saw the other beaches , islets and falls plus the famous  Balete tree. 

The eco tour was a feast in the eyes. What a good way to kill time.


  1. The balete tree looks creepy but cool!! The photos are superb as always! :)


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