Sunday, September 8, 2013

rock the big boat at OH MY GULAY

I love eating and I am always on the look out  for a restaurant which promises to give extraordinary dining experience. 

On one of my trips in Baguio, I actually discovered one resto which made it to my favorite lists.
Last year, I brought my balikbayan sister (from Maine, USA) to this restaurant. I wanted her to have the feel of Baguio and enjoy eating the healthy way in a place with a good ambiance. I didn't tell her what kind of resto I will be bringing her. I wanted it to come as a big surprise for her. Knowing that she has arts inclination, I was quite sure she will enjoy the place. (my sister paints on canvass and she focuses more on flowers, leaves, clowns and fish ).

I told her that this restaurant became famous not only because it serves healthy vegetarian food moreover it is because of its' state of the art setting.

So, we walked along Session Road and stopped at the green building called La Azotea. We climbed up an old spiral staircase leading to the fifth floor ... the penthouse.

By the time we reached the top floor ...  the entrance, she was amazed. I can tell by the look in her eyes that it  gave her  the impression like she just  entered a sanctuary. (that's exactly what I felt on my first time there). 

We were greeted by a koi pond and a bridge.

I showed her the theater stage on the left and told her that it is a venue for  music concerts and home-grown presentations. I also informed her that it functions as a venue for visual-art exhibits and other traditional art form. Of course, I showed her the dining area with the diverse Igorot-culture-inspired arts on the right side of the resto.

It was the hanging big boat which caught my sister's attention.  It is the main dining area and it is the best place to dine for it gives an overlooking view of Baguio. Too bad, it  was already occupied that time.

Going back the first I went to this place . . . I luckily met  the artist  Victor Oteyza  (Baguio artist who was one of the 13 modern group originals in the 1950's that pioneered in Philippine Modern Art.) "kidlat",  the owner. I got the chance to chat with him for couple of minutes. I  learned that the resto is his  permanent gallery.

I went back  here last August  and  I met another artist "Monty Lumba" whom I had the chance to talk to. He showed me his sketches.  He specializes in landscapes. He quotes :    “Landscapes to me are like portraits of people. They’ve got personalities, character, temperaments and moods.”  

Enjoy the photos: 


La Azotea Building,
108 Session Road,Baguio City, Philippines
(Green Building in the middle of session road opposite Don Henrico)

Opens daily 11.00am to 9.00pm
(Kitchen closes at 8.30pm)
Cash Only


  1. Oh I miss that place and those food. Bring me there again when I go home.

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      So, you already went back to Baguio?