Thursday, September 26, 2013

rock supremo


Rock Supremo is part of Ballet Philippines’ 44th Season "IllumiNATION". 

This show is a marriage of rock and ballet. It is a modern way to illustrate the concealed life of the Katipunan's Supremo. 

Simply ground breaking. 

I was able to watch this show because my good friend offered to buy me a discounted ticket thru Groupon. Since I don’t have any plans for my own “Tues-Wed weekend off” I opted to watching it. Got the ticket in half the price.  The show was held at GSIS Theatre.

This is history lesson made fun. It talks about Andres Bonifacio’s aspirations and dreams as a young man. It is a three-part dance using rock songs which include the music of Radioactive Sago Project , Rico Blanco, Sandwich and others. 

I was so amazed on how the dancers portrayed their roles with passion. From start to finish, their enthusiasm never fades. I wonder where they got their energy. I cannot forget the part when they were already up on stage doing the stretching exercises while waiting for the exact time to start the show. I wonder if they intentionally did it.

I was stunned all throughout the show. Their dance routine rendered me speechless. Their sequence of steps are amazing. They acted so well and I felt the emotions. I was totally  swept away.

Two thumbs up for this..!

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