rocking and rolling in San Juan, La Union

San Juan is the central part of the local surfing scene in Luzon. It is the next town north of La Union capital, San Fernando. It has the great view of the expansive West Philippine Sea.

I learned about this place when i joined Travel Factor. They introduced me to the world of surfing. They are the reason why I became stoned in surfing.

I enjoyed so much on  my first time in San Juan and I just can't get enough of it. So, whenever I have free time from my workplace, I make it a point to visit it. I noticed that both local and foreign surfers, from beginners, intermediate, to pros. .. they all bunch up there to ride the waves. It is very obvious that the pros really enjoy the big swells while beginners find pleasure in small humps of waves which is a spot on for taking surfing lessons. The ambiance spells fun. There are lots of Surf shops and board rentals anywhere you look plus the surf instructors are always there ready to teach surfing.

One thing I like about San Juan is,  it  offers a wide range of choices when it comes to a place to stay. I went there several times and had stayed in 5 different accomodations.

Here are the 5 lists of my San Juan's  "home for the weekend":

San Juan Surf  Resort
I stayed at the resort on two separate occasions. The first time was when I joined travel factor. The second time was when my sister came home from Maine,USA. San Juan Surf Resort is also known as Surf Camp. The room was spotlessly clean. It even smelt good, and with noticeable fresh white sheets. 

Monaliza Beach Resort –the time I stayed here was the month of October, during the “surfing break” weekend (peak season). It was a Friday and I didn’t make any reservation. All the places I checked that time were fully booked. I got so tired from checking several accommodations. I saw this resort and just tried my luck asking the receptionist (who happened to be Monaliza Leubben herself, the resort owner’s daughter)  if there’s an extra space for me. She told me that there’s a vacant room with a good view of the sea where I can stay however, it is only available for one night. Someone else already made an advance booking and will arrive Saturday morning. I didn’ t mind at all. All I wanted was a place where I can stay overnight. The morning I woke up, I was informed that I can stay for the rest of the weekend because the person who made that reservation won’t be able to show up. YES!

The Circle Hostel La Union – The location is so cool. It is a short 5min walk away from the beach. It is off of the highway at the foot of a hill. What I like about this accommodation is you get to feel what it’s like sleeping under a mango tree. It provides inimitable experience. It is good for solo traveler like me. You get the chance to meet other people staying there thru their common area. The rule: There are no strangers here. I wasn’t able to reserve for a bunk bed during my stay here, so I opted renting the hammock. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I was able to sleep like a baby. No distractions. Or maybe, because I was just so tired from surfing so when I closed my eyes, it was like a shut down of everything.

Hacienda Peter. This is the accommodation where you get the feeling of warmth. It has a horseshoe layout. Outside of the rooms gives out a chill-out ambiance. Different reading materials are available. Guests can mingle with one another here. It is so budget friendly. It is a spot very suitable for long-term surf enthusiasts. Good place to stay for awhile. 

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa – it is a Balinese-inspired resort located right along the beachfront of San Juan . The cottage rooms will give you a cozy feeling. There’s also an infinity pool and a nice restaurant There’s live music at dinnertime. This is pricey. I only stayed here because I was with the company of my cousin and her family. I was just invited and I couldn’t afford to say NO.

San Juan is like a sanctuary for me. Good vibes. A perfect place to stay away from the busy city.  I found the beach so serene.  I really don't mind if the sand is not fine and not colored white.  The beach is still clean and it is wide.  I frequent this town because I feel safe here and it gives me a very relaxing feeling.