stoned on PHOTOgraphy . . . ! reloaded.

I remember when I was a kid, I enjoyed looking at the old photos of my grandma. They were in sepia and black and white. I found it very interesting . My grandma always had stories to tell in every piece of photos she showed. It is her way of documenting life. Photos bring back memories. 

Aside from all the portrait photos that my grandma kept, She was also into collecting postcards. I noticed that during the 50’s , 60s and the 70s, people loved to send photos of the places they have been. And those postcards caught my attention.

I thought then that it would also be better to send photos to friends showing yourself and the background of the place where you’ve been. Not just the usual landscape photos without the people in it. 


Time passed, I am just like my grandma. I collect pictures, however, those were taken by me, myself and I.

There was a time when I gave a birthday  present to a friend of mine. it was a scarf and I used a small wallet size print of my JAPOLogy sunset photo as a greeting card. My friend loved the scarf, moreover she said  she loved the sunset photo and wished I could give her a bigger copy of that, big enough to hang on her wall. I obliged.

Since then, I started giving JAPOLogy photos as gifts. No other material items, just photos.
And I am glad they love my gifts.