stoned on PHOTOgraphy . . . !

Travel and Photography go together.

I enjoy traveling. And I know that in every places that I go to , it is very important that I document it by taking pictures. They serve as proof that I have been to that place.
My very first camera was a point and shoot “Casio Exilim EX-S880, Black 8.1 Megapixels Digital Camera”. I bought it because it was so small and so slim and even cheaper than other brands. This was the camera I brought when I went to El Nido, Sagada, Baguio, LA Union, Baler and Pagudpod. It lasted like more than a year, then got broken.

After my point & shoot camera broke down, I just opted and bought a cellphone with a good camera  “Sony Ericsson’s K770i Cyber-shot phone with 3.2 megapixel”. This is what I brought and used during my Indochina trip : Manila-Bangkok-Cambodia-Vietnam-Manila

For quite some time, I’ve used these gadgets to take photos. And they actually produced good results. Some of my friends noticed my photos in Friendster (the old social network) and the photos got good reviews. My office mates and friends encouraged me to buy a DSLR camera. I wasn’t convinced.

Eventually, I joined a camera club in the office where I work. And yes, I was the only one using a point & shoot camera. I was told that in photography what really matter is "the eye" of the photographer. It's not the camera which is important, it's the person taking the photos. The club taught proper techniques and tips on taking good photos. To spice up the club, the committee came up with a photo contest with 2 categories. Solo and group. The rule was so simple. Take photos of person/people with any of the HSBC products.

I won  FIRST PRIZE  in both categories.  
The other members wanted to kill me because i beat them.  LOL.

That was the time I felt the need to upgrade my camera. 
So I bought a DSLR Nikon D60 eventualy, I upgraded it to D3000. 
Since then, I never stopped snapping. 

I have traveled to different places in the Philippines and other Asian countries There were times when I always do out of town trips almost every week. I never stopped. I always snap & go. Shoot and walk. Smile and pose. Shoot again.  Sunrise to sundown. I travel and shoot rain or shine.

To date,  there were already 2 photos of mine which were featured in a coffee table book, there were 10 photos of mine which were exhibited in Intercontinental Hotel in Makati and the last achievement I had was the 2013 calendar of St. John the Baptist Parish Church with all my photos featured from January to December.

JAPOLogy . . . that's how i call my photos.


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