Monday, September 2, 2013

stoned on SURFing

SURFing  is a  "multi-task"  kind of thing.

You should know how to paddle, catch a wave, stand up on the board and ride the wave at the right time.

My surf coach taught me the basics of surfing at a snail’s pace. He made sure that I don’t think and feel that it is difficult to do.

I concentrated well and took time in learning it. Surfing is a waiting game. Before you can paddle out, the ocean has to calm down. So expect to be doing nothing for a period of time. Just patiently wait for a set of waves to approach and hope for the right wave. 

I pushed myself physically and mentally. I fell, dropped and tumbled myriad times. I got scores of bruises and what I hate the most --- water entering up my nose and swallow like a gallon of seawater. 

But, I didn’t mind at all. The experience made me more adventurous and ready to try new things. After several trials, I managed to do it successfully. The feeling was so awesome. I promised myself I will do it over and over again. 

        Yeah, I got stoned.

look at my shirt. it reads . . .  less work. more surf.

There were  5 several spots I already visited:

La Union - it is the surfing capital of Northern Luzon. You get consistent surf year-round, but if you like the waves at their strongest and highest, pick anytime from July to February.  

It was described by Yahoo! Southeast Asia in March 2013 as one of the "top surf spots" in the Philippines.[6] Nine-feet waves serve as its main tourist asset, attracting hundreds of surfers during the surfing season from September to February. 

Zambales is a popular surfing area and the nearest surf beach to Manila. Swell is not usually as large as the other surf beaches up north, although at times swell size can hit overhead, which makes it a great place for beginners to intermediate surfers. San Narciso - The break is located right in front of Crystal Beach Resort, which offers terrific location to rent a bungalow for a weekend getaway. It breaks both left and right, just be careful of the strong currents. San Felipe -The surf spot is called ‘High 5 Lahar’ aka ‘Lahar’. Lahar offers fun waves. This is the most consistent option when the other breaks aren’t working. The beach itself is a little tricky to find but the locals will be happy to give you directions. 

Bagasbas -it is a famous surfing and kiteboarding spot, as it has a long stretch of beach which is  located in Daet, Camarines Norte. 

Puraran Island - it is in the town of Baras, Catanduanes. The home of the well-known “Majestic” waves with its awesome long-barrel-type surf. Offshore waves are in their utmost shape during the months of August to September. The surfing area also shows a marvelous view of mountains and bays 

                   Each surfing spots has its own story to tell. And I definitely will blog about each of them.