windows and doors

windows allow us to see . . .

and witness

the exciting world outside

they excite our senses 

and  . . . arouse our curiousity.

windows lead us to the door,
entice us to go outside and explore.

On the other hand . . .

doors tease us 

offer a lot of possibilities. 

promise exciting things for us to see.

doors let us realize that the world is waiting for us

just one small step is what is takes 

and we will all be free.
                      -japol  orona

----------------------------Donna's Personal Photo Challenge----------------------------

THIS is my entry @Donna's Personal Photo Challenge which runs every 2nd Saturday of the Month. To JOIN and INFO about the challenge, click HERE.

A Personal Photo Challenge


  1. Rich, vibrant colors. Very artistically done!

  2. These are all quite stunning but the last one is really special.

  3. Delightful photos, each with a history I'm sure.

  4. Love the yellow doors and the little boy in the window. Great job!

  5. Very cool pictures and I love the story that goes with them.

  6. What amazing photos! I love seeing the sunlight streaming in the doors...beautiful!

  7. Every single one, a work of art. Too many to choose a favourite. Great to meet you through the Challenge.

  8. Thank you so much for participating and showing us these marvelous examples of window and door images. Your bold and dramatic style fits perfectly with the various subjects. The stunning views looking outwards, the bright yellow double doors, the closeup of the door handle - all of these illustrate a careful and deliberate search for beauty. You fully met this challenge and excelled at it!

  9. These are just stunning photos! They are so beautiful and unique. A great selection. Pamela

  10. I love the way you use light and shadows...amazing photos!

  11. Fantastic images - the subjects (oh that yellow door under the arch!), your use of light, and looking out as well as inward making one wonder what's going on inside. If you live where these photos were taken I envy you!

    Glad you joined in - look forward to next month's images.

  12. A feast of exotic windows and doors.
    Wonderful photography Japol.
    Interesting views framed by windows and doors.


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