Tuesday, October 29, 2013

missing bohol

The first time I went to Bohol was when I joined SFC-Singles for Christ International Conference. It was an all expenses paid trip (sponsored by my sister) . I was with the company of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We boarded Negros Navigation. It was a 24hour trip. We left Manila around 7pm and reached Tagbilaran City at 7am the following day.

It was a 3-day conference. It was held at Panglao Island and we got the chance to experience island life. I admired the beauty of the island , the wonderful beach – crystal clear water, awesome cloud formation, fine white sand, sundown and sun up. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to do a countryside tour. The activity at the event was jam packed and there was no way we could steal some time from it. So I just promised myself I will go back. And I did, 2 years ago.. Only, it was no longer paid for by my dear sister. The trip expenses all came from my own pocket **sigh.

Prior to going back to Bohol, I browsed some Bohol sites and I came across this invite:
*Bohol Countryside Tour* -The tour starts with a visit to the Blood Compact Marker site in Tagbilaran where Filipinos and Spaniards first fostered friendly relations through blood. The tour then goes towards Carmen, the site of the famed Chocolate Hills and home of the endemic Tarsier. On our way back, we will board a raft on which lunch will be served. This a full day tour of the scenic countryside of Bohol. The tour also includes the lush Mahogany Man-made Forest. I didn’t waste my time. I gave in to the offer.


*Chocolate Hills . Considered as one of the wonders of the world. I don’t know why they call it chocolate. They don’t look like one. I was told that the haycock hills turn brown during the dry season, giving it that hershey’s kisses look. OK is all I can say. But I definitely enjoyed the awesome view.

*Blood Compact Site . This is the spot where the Spaniards and Filipinos foster friendly relations through blood. Bonding the old fashion way.  

*The Philippine Tarsier. The smallest primate in the world. I remembered my childhood favorite movie "ET:The Extraterrestrial" .  The tarsier looks exactly like the alien ET. So cute. even smiled when I let out my camera and took a shot. like saying " cheese'

*Bilar Man-Made Forest. I just love the parade of mahogany trees. The coolness of the air can take away stress. So peaceful, so quiet. I can sleep here for hours.

*Loboc-Loay River Cruise. I didn’t know that it is possible to enjoy lunch while cruising. I mean we rode the big raft and it never stops moving while we were eating lunch. I was in a dilemma. Should I eat or watch the panorama of palm plantation along the river banks. Oh well, I managed to do both. The view was really magnificent. I secretly wish to see some wild ducks swimming on the river. 

my date.

Last October 15, 2013, Tuesday, an unfortunate event happened in Bohol. A destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.2 shook the island of Bohol and nearby provinces. Smaller-magnitude earthquakes followed afterwards. 

It wasn’t a good sight. A lot of people suffered. But the hopes are up. People try to find a sense of normalcy. Let us extend our helping hand. Let’s do our part in helping them whether in cash or in kind. Let’s offer our prayers. 

 Let’s go back there. Invite your friends to visit that countryside to help bring back the glory of tourism which was once there.

*****watch out for more of my BOHOL adventures. *food trip and *beach bum life

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PLAYING FAVORITE . . . (stoned on PHOTOgraphy)

I believe that there are several concerns involved in picking out a photography model. 

As for me, I want to single out someone who has the feature which will surely give me a better chance of pulling off that perfect shot. 

 I prefer the natural one. At all times, a model should be relaxed and spontaneous.

I love to capture that perfect smile even without showing the teeth.  I think a little grin is adorable and also a naughty smirk is totally engaging. 

There is one person whom I love and enjoyed doing photoshoot with. 
She knows how to make love with the camera. 
Every time she sees me holding my device for taking photos, she immediately strikes a pose and puts that smile on her face. 
She is Erika, my big brother GARY's youngest kid,

Her portrait photo was chosen as  winner, the best entry at "COLOR CARNIVAL" (Monday, February 21, 2011) 

Colorful Erika 

She is bright. 
She is flashy. 
She is vibrant. 
She is gay. 
She is bubbly. 
She is the light of the party. 
She is Erika.


Monday, October 21, 2013

we've only just"vigan"

I only have 2 days off. There was a time when I got so bored and found myself packing my things and headed north. It was Vigan on my mind. It took 7-8 hours ride from Cubao to Vigan including stopovers. I travelled at night around 10pm. I took the Partas Transit.

Been to this place twice. The first time was on a whim. The second time was with my sister. I wanted her to experience what I had the first time I got to that place. Same travel time.

Vigan was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City.

 There were so many things that can be done in Vigan.

 I chose 5 best things:

1. Calle Crisologo.http://www.vigan.ph/calle_crisologo.html  I consider this as the most remarkable street in the Philippines. One after the other, the lane is full of ancestral houses . However, they are now transformed to money-making establishment such as lodge and inn, bistro, shop and even club I enjoyed walking on the cobblestone . Moreover, riding the kalesa which made me feel like living in the Spanish era.

 2. Vigan’s museums. My social studies’ teacher in high school taught us that museums take part in the safeguarding of cultural , historical and artistic feature of a place. It collects all significant bits and pieces of the past making it accessible to the new generation. Museum hopping in Vigan is a fun activity. Visit Padre Burgos Museum, Crisologo Museum, Syquia Mansion and Buridek Museum. This can be done thru kalesa tour. (again)

3. Pagburnayan Pottery Making. I got the chance to learn how to do clay pot making. It sure was a great experience.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral (Vigan Cathedral) and St. Augustine Parish( Bantay Church) and Bell Tower.  I took a moment of silence and prayed. I praised and gave thanks to the Lord for giving me an exciting and healthy life. A few meters’ walk from St. Augustine Church is a belfry which sits on a hill. I climbed up the belfry and while on top, I got a good view of Vigan. I was told that it gained popularity among local tourists because of the famous Filipino film “Panday”

5. Baluarte ni Chavit . Chavit Singson, a famous Filipino politician owns Baluarte. This place is for animal lovers. where some wild species held in captive. The gigantic statue of dinosaur is a scene stealer It was featured in various reading materials and TV shows. It is more than just a zoo. It is considered as wildlife sanctuary.

The tour of vigan was even more exciting because of its delicacies. The very famous Vigan Longganisa   of Cafe Leona plus the Empanada at Plaza Salcedo. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

food porn

It is easy to wake someone up in the morning . . .  if you will whisper that a good breakfast 
is waiting on the table.

As a child I was always busy playing but when my mom calls for lunch  and say she cooked my favorite,  I immediately run away from what I was doing and wash my hands to eat.

I love to roam the country to see great food finds in different restaurants. 
Then I write and  talk and  share about it.

Now, if I want to reward myself for a job well done, I just eat  good food 
and a smile on my face lits up.

I always scream for ice cream..!

 after all that I ate, I gulp them down with an awesome drink.

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