for arts' sake

I went to GSIS theater last September 24 to watch a play “Rock Supremo”.

After enjoying the show, I learned that there was a painting exhibit on the GSIS museum. 
An art exhibit entitled “Lakbayan Ng Kulay sa GSIS ” .

I found it very interesting so I immediately went to the site.

Several artworks were on display. 
I was so impressed with all the paintings hanging on the wall. 
I was even lucky to have enjoyed the pica-pica (finger foods) and drinks served at that time.

I met one of the artists named Marielou de Vera.
I was rendered speechless with her artworks called : 

A series of three:
       1. Infatuation  
       2. Affection and 
       3. Passion.

She explained the meaning of “Emotion” and I was definitely lucky to have learned and heard it from the artist herself. 
She was without a doubt, able to bring out different emotions.

There were also some other paintings she made which were very impressive.

She made use of pastel colors.

The shapes, sizes and brushstrokes she utilized had different dynamics.

She managed to use the right shade, ideal streak and even tolerable smudge.


The way she played with colors was truly amazing..  

Moreover, during the ongoing exhibit, she also showcased another talent. She played  the piano and everyone was so delighted. 

Miss De Vera is truly a great artist worthy of recognition. 

Of course, I didn't leave the place without having a photo with her on my side.

I became an instant fan.


  1. Marielou is a talented artist and you highlighted her work so nicely.

  2. she is really a great artist with a warm heart.
    i am so lucky to have met her.

  3. thx - what a marvels production you have - !!!!!


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