PLAYING FAVORITE . . . (stoned on PHOTOgraphy)

I believe that there are several concerns involved in picking out a photography model. 

As for me, I want to single out someone who has the feature which will surely give me a better chance of pulling off that perfect shot. 

 I prefer the natural one. At all times, a model should be relaxed and spontaneous.

I love to capture that perfect smile even without showing the teeth.  I think a little grin is adorable and also a naughty smirk is totally engaging. 

There is one person whom I love and enjoyed doing photoshoot with. 
She knows how to make love with the camera. 
Every time she sees me holding my device for taking photos, she immediately strikes a pose and puts that smile on her face. 
She is Erika, my big brother GARY's youngest kid,

Her portrait photo was chosen as  winner, the best entry at "COLOR CARNIVAL" (Monday, February 21, 2011) 

Colorful Erika 

She is bright. 
She is flashy. 
She is vibrant. 
She is gay. 
She is bubbly. 
She is the light of the party. 
She is Erika.



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