Palms Farm Resort

I love the beach. My close friends know that every time I take a vacation leave from work, I am always beach bound. They call me a certified beach bum. 

I had a good chat with a surfer last time I went to La Union and I learned about the nice surfing spot in Bagasbas beach, Daet, Camarines Norte. When i filed that vacation leave, Bagasbas beach was the only thing I had in mind. 

I took the night bus from Alabang at 10pm and reached Naga around 6am. I had breakfast and a good chat with one of the locals there . I was told that their town has so many tourist spots which deserve recognition. One particular place I got interested in was Cayucyucan Beach.  It was the first time I heard that place and that aroused my curiosity. I got the directions on how to reach the place. It was a spur of the moment decision. Check in time at the hotel in Bagasbas beach was at 2pm. I had all the time in the world to explore that other exciting beach in CamNorte. So, I headed immediately to that sweet destination.

 I got the direction and scribbled it on paper. I took a jeepney bound to Mercedes, after a little over 15 minutes I stepped on the Mercedes fish port then went to the far end and reached the Manguisoc Wharf , where the boat going to Cayucyucan Beach is. 

 The boat ride was only 5 minutes and I only paid 4 pesos. 

 From there, I took tricycle to Brgy. Cayucyucan. Travel time was approximately 30 minutes, it was a rough , rocky road ride. I paid 50 pesos. I could have paid less if I waited for other passengers but I was so bored and I wanted to see the beach right away. I was asked by the trike driver which resort I was going and I didn’t have any idea in mind. I just let him choose which he thought was worth seeing. 

He brought me to Palms Farm Resort. 

When I reached the resort, I uttered a big wow. Tall pine trees greeted me. 

 The entrance fee was 30 pesos for a day tour. I stayed at the resort for about 5 hours. I enjoyed the landscapes and seascapes. Postcard – like place. 

I got an awesome view of a mountain called Mt. Susong Dalaga I love its name so much. 

I couldn’t put into writing how great the place was so lemme just share the photos I took. You be the judge.


 I actually waited for a long time to get a tricycle ride back to the wharf. I experienced riding a jam packed tricycle and it was so much fun. Imagine all the different body odors I sniffed. LOL. 

The resort was really a good find. The beach was great. I couldn’t ask for more.  

After seeing this place...I went straight ahead to Bagasbas beach. It was my original plan anyway.