Wednesday, December 18, 2013

my niece . . . lara

you have always been so special for me.

 you are a very smart girl and oh so sweet.

i think of you as an artist. share your talent to others and i know someday you will go places.



i have always believed in you.

i love you and i miss you so much.

happy birthday.  .  .  wowow !

Sunday, December 15, 2013

city lights

i love the city lights.

they make life more exciting

add glitter to even the common things

Nightlife is not boring with the presence of these lights.

Lights are the life of the party.


so turn on the lights and let's party all night..! 

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A Personal Photo Challenge

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

my big brother

I am the youngest in the family. I have 1 big sister and 1 big brother. I have talked and shared so much about my big sister however, I never really mention a thing or 2 about this big brother of mine. I guess it’s about time to put him on the spotlight. 

His name is Gary. He works and stays in Hongkong. A cool loving dad to 4 lovely kids, (3 beautiful girls and a very handsome boy). A faithful husband to his wife . .  .  a good provider for his family.



There’s really nothing special about him. He can be bossy at times. He is just a typical brother. Sibling rivalry was very visible when we were younger. We did a lot of fights over petty matters. We’ve been compared a lot of times by other people.

Comparison on: who is better looking, smarter, kinder, more talented. That wasn’t healthy at all and we could have hated each other and fight even more. However, we were brought up in a great manner by our parents.

We have so many differences. He has his own strengths and weaknesses, and I do too. Nevertheless, we have mastered the art of acknowledging our own crafts and expertise and used them to our own advantages.


5 things noticeable about us:
1. He is fair skinned, not tanned like me.
2. He is a man of few words, I talk nonstop.
3. He reads a lot of books, I watch a lot of movies.
4. He is older but looks younger than me.
5. He is good looking, I am just charming.

 5 things/possessions we both love:
1. Traveling
2. Photography
3. Watches & Shoes
4. His kids
5. Achut (our dear sister)


Happy birthday kuya. Enjoy your day. We may not see each other often but I definitely love you so much and I thank GOD for giving you to me.


I miss the times when we traveled together in Singapore, Macau, Guangzhou, and Hongkong. I hope we could travel again and with Achut next time. I wish you good health and happiness.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

calaguas island

If I’ll be asked to name a good place where one can commune with nature, I will definitely say and guide them to Mahabang beach in Calaguas Island , Camarines Norte. 

I chose that place because the first time I went there, I immediately fell in love with it and gone under its spell. 

Talk about world-class beach. It was undoubtedly one of the best beaches I’ve seen. 
Crystal clear water and grains of sand which I consider as powder-like. 

Going to Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Islands, was a very long boat ride which took us about 4 hours however, it was not a boring one. I enjoyed many breathtaking views of some hills on the horizon, different rock formations, and when I looked down, I even had a glimpse of some colorful fish thru its clear water. My camera had a great time and took several snapshots of these views on my way to the beach! 


The beach’s beauty is still preserved for it is still left untouched by commercialization. Nature at its best was the first thing I thought of when I visited the beach. 

My eyes witnessed the delightful display of the bright greenish blue color beach and its rich, virgin forest .

I also enjoyed the breathtaking sunset view of the island.

  I fell asleep with the sound of splashing waves and woke up the morning after  with a perfect sunrise.  

My stay in the island was full of fun. What made it more fun was I went there for free. Free accomodation, free food and drinks.    A few weeks back,  I did surfing in Bagasbas.  I got to know a guy whom I rode with the same bus from Naga going back to Manila. We had a good chat and kinda click right away. He enjoyed my antics and my travel stories. I learned he owns a property in Calaguas Island.   After knowing that very important info, I looked him in the eyes and told him flat on his face...YOU are my best friend now. Best friend now and forever. He laughed his ass off and said nasty thing in a funny kind of way. The conversation ended up and I got  an invite from him. A weekend at  his rest house in the island. I was one lucky guy. USER FRIENDLY guy. 

Gary Gonzales: My BEST FRIEND
My stay in the island was full of fun because I met my friends from my workplace. A couple who also love to travel. We had a good time and shared food together. Not talking about office politics.

ken & emoinks

My stay in the island was full of fun because the night was made alive with the presence of a mobile bar. I  met some  foreigners, backpackers like me and we partied all night.

black out: the mobile bar

My weekend in Calaguas Island was full of fun and excitement. 

with my best friend
with my friends/officemates

stingray cooked in coconut milk

with my weekend friend

the beach bums

I will go back to this island next summer. I definitely will.