city lights

i love the city lights.

they make life more exciting

add glitter to even the common things

Nightlife is not boring with the presence of these lights.

Lights are the life of the party.


so turn on the lights and let's party all night..! 

----------------------------Donna's Personal Photo Challenge----------------------------

THIS is my entry @Donna's Personal Photo Challenge which runs every 2nd Saturday of the Month. To JOIN and INFO about the challenge, click HERE.

A Personal Photo Challenge


  1. Thanks for join in again this month! Night reflections of light on the water are always fun, particularly when they are so colorful. And I really like the graphic quality of the last two photos. My world actually looks a lot like that when I've had a few too many drinks, LOL!

  2. Wow - great shots. Beautiful light reflections on the water.

  3. Oh the lights are SO pretty! Looks like a great place for a camera!! Well done!

  4. great you did it again this month.

  5. All your images of lights playing on the water are great!
    Such a pretty ferris wheel too.

  6. Wow, excellent shots for this theme!

  7. Those are really interesting pictures!


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