I have been to different countries in Asia and have enjoyed every trip I made. I have been doing it for the longest time. However, my friends and loved ones wonder why I haven’t considered going to the US of A. Apparently, I have always dreamed of obtaining a US visa. As a kid I always thought that US was awesome. I have watched several movies shot in the US and they all showed how attractive and picturesque that country is.

HOWEVER, the real reason why I wanted to go to US was because my one and only favorite sister lives in the US and I miss her so much. Moreover, just last year, my big brother made a business trip there. And I was totally jealous of his postcard-like photos. I can’t accept the fact that I was the only one who haven’t step on the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Immediately, I sent an online US Visa application and after making a payment , I chose US visa interview schedule at my own convenience. I gave myself a month to prepare. I firmly believe that the most significant part of the whole US visa application process is the interview. A successful interview has a very positive impact in visa grant decision.

The exact date was November 19, 2013, Tuesday, 7:30 in the morning. I stayed in Miramar Hotel the night before the interview because it’s walking distance from the US embassy and I wanted to make sure that I will be there on time. Can’t afford to be late on that special date. I showed up at the gate (exactly 6:30am) well prepared. I saw thousands of people waiting in line. I was the 2024th applicant. I wore a very presentable casual attire (dark blue pants, light blue long sleeves polo with tie in simple prints, sports jacket and leather shoes) only to find out that I will be interviewed on the window and the American consul won’t be able to see how smart I look in my clothing because he can only see my face and neck. *sigh*

The interview only last lasted like less than 15 minutes. I prayed hard before the interview.

The interview started with a greeting  "Good Morning"  followed by these series of questions:

What's your name?
Where are you going?
What is the purpose of your travel?
What do you do? (job)
If approved, how long are going to stay in the US?
Are you single or married?
Have you traveled before?

I actually carried some documentations (bank statement, etc.)  with complete and authentic information but I was never asked to show them.

** I showed confidence, I know English too well and l believe I can communicate effectively. I just chose the right words to say. My facial expressions showed I listened attentively and keenly. I looked at the consul squarely in his eyes. The decision was extremely influenced by the way I reacted to the questions and the authenticity of my answers. 
I was granted a visa . . . a multiple US visa.

After obtaining the US visa, I immediately filed a 20-day vacation leave from work and bought a round trip (Manila-Los Angeles-Manila)  from Cathay Pacific.

*** Watch out for the US Tour blogs which I will feature real soon.!


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