My Favorite SISTAH..!

It is my favorite sistah’s birthday and I consider this day as special.
I totally love her to pieces and definitely I couldn’t envision my world without her.

The reasons are as follows: 

1. She cooks the best pork binagoongan in the whole wide world. 
She buys pomelo just for me and never forces me to eat bananas.

2. She can read my mind. She knows exactly what I want and 
what I need and she buys them for me. 

3. She is annoyingly smart. She still thinks I’m a baby and 
tells me to do things the way she wants it to be. 

4. She seriously believes she’s not bossy and that 
she only has better ideas than others. 

5. She has a very big heart and because of that, she has so much love to give. 
Just give her a chance and get to know her better.

Here are my birthday gifts for you. They are not expensive but I’m sure you’ll like them: 

Sexy Tshirts – these will remind you and 
other people how sexy you are. (sometimes they forget)

..and this OPM CDs you can listen to while driving fast. 
They are a total of 3 CDs you can enjoy..!

Achut . . . you have the biggest heart than anyone I know. I love everything about you. We may not always agree on everything but despite our arguments and our differences, you are still the most important person in my life.

  I’m so lucky to have you . . .the smartest , the sexiest and gorgeous, and most supportive sister ever . .!
Happy birthday . . . !