Visit to Uncle Sam: Day 1

I got totally excited as soon as I was able to purchase the round trip airplane ticket to US. I finally will be able to see the beautiful spots I saw in movies. Furthermore, I was also thrilled because I will get to see my much-loved sistah and my dear cousin :Joey "BAMBI" Gavar (whom I have not seen in decades) plus some of my good old friends who already settled there many years back.

My flight was February 8, 11:00am NAIA, Terminal One, lay over to Hongkong Airport is 1:20pm-2:35pm then straight to LAX-Los Angeles CA, 1:05pm same date –(MLA-CALI: Time Zone difference is minus 16 hours)

I was surprised to see that there were thousands of people on that date. It took me about 2 hours to get to the immigration officer. I had a difficult time when my turn to be interrogated came because I brought some foodstuff  like different filipino  fingerfoods and worst ---SIDE DISH  ---“ATSARA” (Ubod Pickles or Heart Of Palm Pickles) and “SINANTOLAN/INALAMANGAN” ( side dish : ground santol cooked with coco milk and mixed with fermented tiny shrimps. **SANTOL is also known as wild mangosteen, a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia.

As soon as I was able to claim my luggage I waited for the shuttle which brought me to my cousin’s flat located somewhere in  Los Feliz. Upon reaching her place, I put my feet up for a while like approximately 30 minutes and after lazing around, my cuz and her boyfriend (ALEX )  headed to Palms Thai Restaurant for our dinner fix. It was actually my request because I love thai food and I heard the resto serves the best pad thai. I was not disappointed. It was really the best.

Subsequently, we proceeded to our Hollywood Walking Tour. 
My cuz’ bf just dropped us off to Hollywood boulevard and let us do bonding time by ourselves.

Bob Hope Square 
Hollywood and Vine
Grauman's Egyptian Theatre 
 El Capitan Theatre 
Hollywood Sign 
Hollywood Wax Museum 
Madame Tussauds 2009 
Masonic Temple- Home of Jimmy Kimmel Live 
Pantages Theatre 
Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium 
Capitol Records Tower 
 Kodak Theatre
Grauman's Chinese Theater

 Hollywood Walk of Fame:  
Seeing Stars -lasting tribute to the personalities who helped make 
Hollywood the most famous community in the world. 


After checking all the stars in Hollywood Walk of Fame – we went straight to Mel's Drive-In. It is good old-school American diner kind of thing restaurant set in a retro style '50s diner with mini jukeboxes at the table. The menu shows a wide selection of food and I definitely had a difficult time deciding what to order. I ended up just ordering strawberry milkshake and joey just ordered a cup of coffee. we shared an apple pie tough.

Joey and I had a great time. We wanted to stay longer on the street however we needed to head back home because we have a 3-day tour to Los Angeles - Santa Barbara – Solvang- San Francisco the morning after. Rest and sleep were badly needed otherwise we will end up as zombies. We reached home at 2:00am, chatted some more and got to sleep at 3am. We only managed to sleep for 3 hours and immediately took a shower and went straight to Union Station where we will be picked up by the bus for our 3-day tour to San Francisco.