Visit to Uncle Sam : Day 2

The Hollywood boulevard walking tour was awesome however gave me an aching feet and I couldn’t even complain because I asked for it. I managed to have a good night sleep or should I say just a nap for I only snooze like less than 3hours. My cousin Joey was up ahead of time and took a shower early on. She was like an alarm clock. After doing her morning routine, she instantaneously shook my bed and woke me up, pointed me to the bathroom so I can do the same.

Prior to going to the US, Joey made a reservation with / Golden Int'l Travel. It’s a 3-Day San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Yosemite Tour from Los Angeles . Pick up location was at Union Station ( In front of Main Entrance) .

After some coffee and bagel, we showed up at the meeting place. The tour guide was a Chinese guy . Most of the passengers were also chinese. There 2 other filipinos and there were some non-english speaking white people.

The bus left Los Angeles a bit early when the sun was up . we had a good view of the awesome Pacific Coast Highway. After a couple of hours, we stopped at Santa Barbara where I laid eyes on the SSS (sun.sea.sand). Santa Barbara is California at its best. We stayed there for like less than 45 minutes so, I just had a few photos taken there. I promised myself I will go back and spend a night there.

Eventually, we headed down to Denmark Village in Solvang, CA . It was just small city near Santa Barbara. According to the bus tour guide , it is a popular California tourist spot due to its historical significance. *he town was settled by Danish immigrants, and today serves as a portal to the past for curious visitors. I admired the windmills and Northern Europeans-style architecture along the little village's skyline. I also learned that "Solvang" means "Sunny Field".

Soon after, we went straight to San Francisco, CA to step on the grounds of Silicon Valley where we got the chance to have snapshots around the vicinity of "INTEL". Apparently, photo taking was not allowed but since business was closed that time, we managed to do some snapshots.

At the end of the day we reached Marriot Hotel where we checked in. Joey and I lounge at the lobby where we chat and laughed and upload photos for FB purposes. Forty winks entered into the scene at around 1am. We slept and got excited for tomorrow's more exciting tour.