Visit to Uncle Sam : Day 3

We left the hotel early morning. Joey and I just had coffee. The weather was just right, and the sun was shining bright.

We started the tour by riding the much-loved San Francisco cable car. It is a must-do experience when visiting the city. We rode at the turnaround stop which is the beginning and end of the lines. As soon as we got on board there were no more seats available. We just hang onto the leather straps while standing. I enjoyed experiencing the clanking up and down of the city’s steep hills.

The cable car stopped exactly at the corner where the laid-back zigzag block of Lombard Street was situated. I read somewhere that it was called the "crookedest street in the world.” I was amazed by the beautiful scenic view of Lombard. I instantly noticed the red-brick pavement and adorable flowerbeds. It was totally fun going down that street. I took the staircase down on the left side of the street. The view from the top was great as well as the view looking up from the bottom.

We then headed straight to the most visited and most photographed bridge in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge. It was foggy by the time we got there. The weather was so cold and windy. Nevertheless I can only say one thing. It was really breathtaking. I managed to walk and jog and felt how it’s like to be at the bridge.

We eventually stop at the Palace of Fine Arts . This is Joey’s favorite place in San Francisco. It was so huge and really has amazing architecture. I learned that it is popular for prenup weddings and photography. There’s also a nearby lagoon, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. This gave me a feeling like I was in a European setting. The reflection of the grand buildings on the water was very impressive and totally excellent. The lagoon served as home to ducks, swans and some sea gulls which I thought to so ready to pose for photographs.

The tour guide informed us that the stop will be at the Fisherman's wharf and we were advised that if we wanted to have a good view  from under the Golden Gate Bridge, we can go cruising. I so love the view of the Golden Gate Bridge so Joey and I also took a cruise departing from Pier 43 in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf. The sail gave us the view San Francisco skyline. There were pelicans flying and following us as we cruise. A really great sight to behold. I held my breath while sailing directly under the massive Golden Gate Bridge. We also slowly cruised around the infamous island of Alcatraz. On our way back to Fisherman's Wharf, we enjoyed the sights of the barking sea lions which welcomed us back to Pier 43.

After the cruise, Joey and I realized that we didn’t have breakfast at the hotel because we woke up late. So, while at the Fisherman’s Wharf, we had its famous clam chowder in bread bowl. I loved it. The chowder was hot and creamy. It had a truly excellent taste. After filling up our tummies, we laze around the area. Watched other tourists  along the waterfront strip which was filled with fancy shops and cool restaurants.

 Last destination of the day was at Stanford University. Such a beautiful campus. I absolutely loved the view. We walked around the campus and found it so peaceful and relaxing. It made me think of going back to school.

We got so exhausted and agreed that once we get back to Marriott Hotel, right after dinner , we will hit the bed and sleep. Too bad, it didn’t happen. We still laze at the hotel’s lobby, did FB updates and chat endlessly about what happened the whole day. We slept at 2am. We never learned.