Visit to Uncle Sam : Day 4

Joey and I woke up so early and took turns in using the bathroom. After a cup of coffee we found our way to the bus ready to leave San Francisco so early in the morning.

Hear Tony Bennett sings . . .

 “ . . . I left my heart in San Francisco 
High on a hill, it calls to me 
To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars 
The morning fog may chill the air, 
I don't care My love waits there in San Francisco 
Above the blue and windy sea 
When I come home to you, 
San Francisco 
Your golden sun will shine for me . . . “

I somehow realized that it was really so hard to leave  SF. I fell in love with it and I definitely will come back

The third day and last part of the tour promised to be a very exciting one because we will make our way back to Los Angeles via a stop to one of the  world's most  famous parks. I was so thrilled because I will finally see the glorious Yosemite National Park.

The weather that time was not good. It was raining,, the visibility on the road was closed to zero and it was foggy. After couple of minutes, the chinese tour guide informed us that we will no longer stop at Yosemite National Park because the road leading there would be too dangerous. We will just go straight to Los Angeles and will give our money back. $6.00 each . BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY was what I heard. Joey approached the tour guide and suggested other options and go someplace else instead of giving back that 6 bucks because it won’t bring us anywhere. I was disappointed. I took a moment and said a little prayer. After an hour, the bus stopped and the tour guide informed us that we our going to make a U-turn and will proceed to the original itinerary of going to Yosemite National Park. The weather cooperated and next thing I know the sun started shining. My prayer was answered right away. I guess I'm lucky. Thanks Lord.

Yosemite is a three to four hour drive from San Francisco We passed through small agricultural towns, I enjoyed the scenery of fruit orchards and some ranches in the rolling hills. The road was gently curving. I fell asleep and woke up several times.

When we finally got there, I was totally speechless. Really breathtaking view.

 Wikipedia states . . .

Yosemite is one of the wonders of Nature. It is located near the geographical center of the Nevada mountain range. Towering granite rocks, mighty waterfalls and placid valleys give Yosemite all the aspects of a ''land of the gods''Â.

 El Capitan. This granite cliff on the north side of Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park is world-famous as a challenge for rock climbers. The top can also be reached by taking a hiking trail out of Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Falls. The Yosemite Falls tumble down in three separate sections. In addition to being the tallest waterfall in North America, the Yosemite Falls are the seventh-tallest in the world. The falls process the most water during the springtime.

Tunnel View. From the Tunnel View vantage point, tourists can see some of the park's most famous areas in the Yosemite Valley, including El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Fall. In 1986, the Tunnel View became a National Historic Place.

After enjoying the breathtaking view of Yosemite, we headed back to Los Angeles. I managed to sleep. Woke up to grab a bite at Denny's. after couple of hours , we're back to L.A.