Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visit to Uncle Sam : Day 5

Do you know anybody who visit LA who does not want to be photographed with the HOLLYWOOD sign at the background?  NO ONE.

The first thing I had in mind as part of my visit to LA was to see the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign. This was something I had planned on seeing for years.

My first view of the Hollywood sign was at the Hollywood & Highland Center (day one in the US)  however it was late at night and I didn't have a clear view of the sign. I wanted a closer look for real!

Early morning of Feb 12, it was a Wednesday, we (Joey, Alex (Joey’s bf) and I ) went to the Griffith Park Observation deck which was located in Mount Hollywood . There were some public telescopes plus planetarium, a bookstore and a cafe at the Observatory. The observatory is a beautiful building set on top of a mountain . What I liked about the observatory was the location for it gives an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the whole of Hollywood and Los Angeles as far as the eyes can see. The Griffith Observatory is a must see when traveling to L.A. However, I saw it not very good for taking pictures with the “sign” as background because it was too far and my camera had only kit lens instead of a zoom one.

So, we made an effort on driving up the hills to see it. The drive up was very tight, so we took it slow. Minutes passed and we soon witnessed a wonderful view of the “sign” up close the hillside. 

We had enough of the Hollywood sign so the next thing we did was hit downtown L.A. this day was another Joey -Japol bonding moment. We no longer ride the car (Alex went home to do something) so Joey and I took the train like most people in L.A.  do.Metro Rail.  All it took was $5.00,  the price of a whole day on the Metro (plus an extra $1 if you don't have a subway card). Joey gave me a card so I didn’t buy at all. The best way to navigate around the city is the train. Definitely there is no other way considering the traffic in the city. Trains are fast. Just know where you're going and be aware of any line changes. This is a brilliant way to get around the city.

Our first stop was at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.It was truly a very beautiful church! I loved the architecture and the simplicity of it all.We heard mass. I said a little prayer, some wishes and thank the Lord God for all the blessings He has been giving me. There was a mini concert after the mass. I took some photos. 

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this concert hall is designed to be one of the most acoustically sophisticated in the world. Joey and I went off exploring more of LA on foot. She brought me to this because she thought I will like the modern architecture. I must admit that the concert hall looked amazing with the sunlight reflecting off it. We didn’t get inside because it was too early. I just wish I will be able to catch a show there someday.   “Well worth the stop”

Grand Central Market 
 I am always looking for great food. I don’t really care much about the ambiance. I love the idea of eating good local food with no frills . This place made me experience the hustle and bustle of the "local Los Angeles peeps" . It looks more like a Mexican downtown. 

I was tummy filled so we took a stroll around starting across from Grand Central Marketplace.

We headed to Angels Flight Railway. It was a charming piece of LA history. It was not operational the time we were there so we just took a walk up the steps.

When we reached the top we saw the Angel's Knoll park/ Water Court right below which was an open-air amphitheater with several restaurants.By the way, right next to the flight is a gorgeous park where the movie “500 Days of Summer” famous bench is.

The Museum of Contemporary Art
This is the place to go to if you are looking for unique and modern art. It's located in a cool area of downtown which was within walking distance from the Walt Disney Concert Hall and near Angel's Flight.

Staples Center . World class sports center. It has a great design. The Staples Center (glorious home of the LAKERS ) radiates fun and excitement. We didn’t attend a sporting event. We only did sightseeing and people watching. I had a great time by merely walking around this awesome area.

Beverly Hills
This is known to be the playground of the rich, the famous and the glamorous. 
Beverly Hills is the home of some of California's most lavish homes, hotels and personalities. Tourists gather to the Hills to experience the charm  of Hollywood. 
I DID NOT BRING MY CREDIT CARD… It was a good decision because here is where you can find the high end boutiques and department stores. We just took a walk Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard. I remember there was a party at The Tiffany’s the time we were here. 

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