Tuesday, August 19, 2014

cafe breton

It was one Sunday morning when my good old friends got together for a nice breakfast and a chitchat. We decided to visit a resto which has a European feel which is located 
in the Westgate Center downsouth –Alabang.

 It’s called Cafe Breton. It aint a huge restaurant, but I highly recommend this place. The menu showed their specialty -a widespread types of crepes, though there are also 
some choices of other kinds of food.

La Pinay

La Pinay is my favorite. It is a mango crepe topped with French vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. it was served while it was still hot. I was afraid for the ice cream on top to melt so quick, so I ate real fast. I had my moment of silence when that crepe landed on my table.

Galette Super Complete – ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, etc.

The beverage menu (hot and cold) is extensive as well. I found the prices as reasonable plus they also have as quick and friendly service .  

fruit shake

Their homey ambiance is also a plus factor.

Cafe’ Breton is a nice little resto and I consider it as 
the best place for crepes and coffee.

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