Casa San Miguel

Casa San Miguel is a community-based school for the arts, situated in a mango orchard. It is located in Pundaquit, San Antonio in Zambales, a destination better known as a jump-off point to the camping beach coves of Anawangin and Nagsasa.

I learned about this place during one of my weekend surf trips at Crystal Beach Resort. I actually met 2 cool dudes (Mark & Jay-Ar) at breakfastime. I was enjoying my drink which contains caffeine, with a mildly stimulating effect , actually made from processed seeds of a tropical tree. My drink had a medium to dark rich brown color .(better known as COFFEE).

Anyway the topic about the best coffee came into the scene. It was Mark who boasted about how great this certain coffee is . . .  which apparently available just a few minutes drive from the resort where we were staying. One cannot understand how scrumptious and delectable a certain food or drink is unless tried and tasted. Moreover, Mark said it is like a sanctuary, a stress free place. So off we went there.

I was moved when I got to see the place. It was so serene. Casa San Miguel is Zambales' Center for the Arts. 

 It is the province’s sole center for culture and the arts.


 This art center is a playground for the music, theater and visual art.

We ordered that great coffee at the CASA Backstage Café, just below the concert hall. The café was ornamented with paper bag lanterns and wooden chimes under the breezy shade of a huge black plum tree.

"The orchard was established in 1921 by Ramon L. Corpus and served as his family retreat-by-the-sea. It was the frequent site of many family picnics and musical gatherings. In 1993, his grandson, Coke Bolipata, designed an Art Center to replace the old house that burned.
Casa San Miguel was built on the belief that art, in its various forms, can extend beyond its boundaries to create a more aware and fuller human being for an enriched humanity. It further believes in an internal transformation to bring about communal, national, and global change with culture as the means to this end. The center is committed to the continued development and support of the Filipino artist, and to the development of new artists and audiences for the next generation."  - from


  1. May I know their rates? Thanks for sharing this. It's like Pinto Arts Museum - Joy of


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