cinemalaya 2014

Cinemalaya marks its 10th year anniversary.I have been watching Cinemalaya films since year 2010.

This year , I bought a day pass which allow me to see 4 movies in a day. I deliberately chose the 4 which aroused my curiousity.

I have been watching cinemalaya movies for the past 5 years now. I always look forward on seeing them because of these reasons:

Cinemalaya movies tackle social issues which are very much relevant to our civilization. They stimulate the long gone sense of right and wrong in people when they see individuals going through such complex situations even if it is on screen. They help in delivering significant and vital messages to the society.

Cinemalaya movies inspire you. They present a peep into the straightforward truths of our existence. With our very own eyes , we see the change of ordinary people turn into heroes in times of needs and somehow triggers off on how to look at life in a diverse perspective. Realization comes ..ordinary people are capable of having great things in life. Watching

Cinemalaya movies is indeed a great diversion. It is a great pastime on witnessing some of the wittiest, treacherous, striking and stunning people in the world acting out interesting plots you have longed imagined.

1. Hustisya by Joel Lamangan .A foul-mouthed woman fights for her soul in the belly of the city. Working for a human trafficking agency controlled by a powerful syndicate, she sees no evil, hears no evil. In a society like ours, you have only two choices – to be a victim, or a victimizer – she makes her choice.

2. Donor by Mark Meily - a retrospective film, brought back because it definitely was one the best in year 2010.
*Astory about  Lizette, a seller of pirated DVDs,  in her desire to work abroad, decides to sell her kidney to a wealthy Arabian kidney patient. When a law is announced banning organ transplants between Filipinos and foreigners, Lizette agrees to marry the Arab, a man she has never met , for the surgery to push through.

3.  Hari ng Tondo by Carlos Siguion-Reyna/Bibeth Orteza -
*A grandfather on the brink of bankruptcy brings his grandchildren back to the community that made and shaped him, only to find out the place is no longer the same.

4. .#Y   by Gino Santos
*A film about suicide, but it is also a film about the millennial generation. #Y chronicles the adventures of the members of this generation know for their affinity with social media and the Internet, and combines this with a tale of sex, drugs, and alcohol, and the nights they won’t remember but will never forget.

I had a great time watching all these movies. Moreover, what made it memorable was when I got the xcahnce to see  my favorite stage actress "Cris Villonco", and had a photo taken beside her.