Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friends are forever, cousins are for life

“Cousins by chance, friends by choice.” 
 ~ Proverb

No one pushes us to be open with one another. We became friends because we chose to become so. Even if we don’t live near each other, we still linger a connection. Our teen years were the most memorable ones because that’s when you started to open up. I was one of those few people who know your dirty little secrets.

 Our cousin-friendship thing became so strong and long-lasting. We learned to accept our imperfections and forgive our own slip-ups.

 “Cousins are even more important to those who never got siblings.”

So many years gone. So many things happened. So many changes took place. Now, we share the same common denominator. You don’t have siblings. I have 1 big sister and 1 big brother, however, we are miles apart. They’re in the US and Hong Kong respectively. 

We only have one another. You are now my sister. You may be older than me, however, you make me feel like a big brother to you. LOL. Nevertheless, I appreciate all the things that we do together. You fill that emptiness that I feel inside every time I miss my siblings.

We’re cousins. We have the same bloodline. The ties that bind us are deep. I will always be there for you when you call, I will always show up because we’re more than just cousins, we’re friends and you know that.


Happy birthday, Shiela.

“Cousins are friends that will
love you forever.”
~ Constance Richards

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