halo halo de iloko

HALO-HALO de ILOKO ‘s exact address is: 12 Zandueta St., San Fernando City, La Union, San Fernando La Union

It is situated downtown, near the Catholic Church and you can actually walk from there after hearing mass. 

It's a small, nevertheless warm restaurant. It has gained popularity thru it's very delicious halo halo thus, attracted attention from the media. It is a very popular place and
is endorsed by several famous celebrities. 

I got so curious about it that’s why during one of my 
SURFtrips  in San Juan, La Union,  I promised myself
I will drop by to that place and try their famous halo-halo.

I ordered for Fiesta Halo Halo – big serving, lots of ingredients and along with it is an extra serve of milk on a cup.

It was a good thirst quencher.
Made me feel like endless summer is a possibility.