Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mrs. Lovett

"Once you were bit by the theater bug, you can never escape it. You will always be asking for more."

I have been watching so many stage plays in different venues in Manila.

I have enjoyed a lot of them. However, last night was the best play I have ever watched. It was the most memorable one because the lead player, the female actor happened to be my very smart and lovely niece. The baby girl I used to carry in my arms and sung lullaby to, to the tune of one of Wolfgang's famous songs. Yes, a rock song. and she loved it.

 I have always known that my niece "Jade Maris Orona"  is so smart .She is a consistent honor student. She is also talented . . . she dances, she raps, she acts.  She is also totally good in public speaking and won on several school district competitions. She joined On Stage School for the Arts  last summer. The institution's mission was  to improve each student's total personality through arts; to instill a real passion for arts and culture and showcase their talents through performance. Moreover,  for the total development of students's higher self-confidence.

 I got so excited when the news came that she auditioned and got the role of Mrs. Lovett in the play  "Sweeney Todd" by Uyat Artista,  Several weeks before, I already filed a vacation leave from work because I planned on watching "The Last 5 Years" , a play which has its run at the
 RCBC tower in Makati. Of course, that plan has changed.
 I opted to watching a better play  . . . to witness my niece acting on stage.

I got to the venue ahead of time. I learned that it was a night of recital and competition. 2 plays will be shown : Jekyll and Hyde and Sweeney Todd. Both were dark musical plays so I expected some singing. There was a panel of judges who will choose the best actors in the supporting
 and lead roles,  plus the best play of the night.
There will be the awarding of the bests right after the show.

While watching, I  kept my eyes and ears opened. All throughout the play I did a brain alert check. I knew for a fact that the minimum requirement in watching is  full attention for the entire duration of the play.

Moreover, I used my heart to have a good feel of the play and not just seeing it with my eyes and hearing it with my ears. In that way  I also got to experience that piece of music. 
Especially that music coming from my niece's voice while she's doing her part.

The show lasted for around 3 hours. At the end of the show, I was confident that my niece will get the award. I 'm a big fan of course...Minutes passed ... drum rolled...and as I expected, my niece won. the crowd went wild, fans screamed, all agreed that the female actor in the lead role was deserving.

Mrs. Lovett ..  I love it...!

Need I say more?

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  1. I missed the excitement. I'm so proud of her. I wish she knew.