Ponce Suites

Everytime I travel to a certain town or city,I always ask assistance from google and search for the usual "where to go, what to do, what to  see, where and what to  eat, " 

When I searched for Davao City details, google led me to
Ponce Suites.

It was truly a must see place and an attraction in itself .

What I read from about this place was totally true. 
It was a smorgasbord. 
A hotel, an open air cafe and bar, function house,
museum and art gallery. 

It is a three-storey hotel. I found my way up and every step I took, I was surrounded by arts in all its form.

I was in awe because anywhere and everwhere I looked - the walls
the ceilings, the floors, they were all filled with sculptures,
framed photos and paintings.

I particularly liked the numerous interesting artworks made of assorted recycled materials, 

I saw artworks in paper maché , portrait sketches 
and even murals.

I must say it was indeed a visual treat. 
Those who value modern art can call this place a sanctuary.  

The brain behind this works of art is Kublai Milan , 
Mindanao’s renowned artist.

Ponce Suites is located at :

 Corner Road 3 and 4, Doña Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City, Philippines


  1. Naku! My bucket list is getting full already, adding your adventures! This one now is number 1.

  2. @Joy Calipes-Felizardo
    So, have you gone to Ponce Suites?


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