Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rak of Aegis: The Rock Musical

“Rak of Aegis” is the latest offering of PETA ( Philippine Educational Theater Association) .

          Filipinos are known for having 2 important characters: human resilience and fighting spirit.  Filipinos can easily smile  and positively recover after a devastating natural calamity. This is what the play was all about.

          The show is a rock musical featuring classic rock songs from ‘80s glam metal band , AEGIS. A Filipino rock band which has been famous since the late ‘90s for their love lyrics which are so easy to remember/memorize. The songs “Halik”, “Luha”, “Basang-Basa sa Ulan.” to name a few.

          The musical play is set in a low-income neighborhood called Barangay Venezia, which unfortunately still swamped with water for couple of months after a horrendous typhoon Ondoy Drastically , the residents’ lives have changed after the flood. Everybody experiences difficulty more importantly, the loss of barangay’s source of income , the shoe-and slipper industry. They later found out whom and what to blame which was the faulty construction of a nearby subdivision and the person (the developer)  behind it..

          The power of internet was clearly shown here. The lead star was an aspiring young singer from a third-world country, who went out of her way through her hopes, wishes and dream.. To be noticed by no less than “Ellen Degeneres” the host of a talk show in the US of A, known for discovering talent through Youtube. Th e influence of mass media is so powerful. Once the video was posted, it has become a sensation, a trending topic which hit thousands of views from the public. With all its twist and turns, the play become so powerful, full of fun , humor and a sort of an eye opener, a wake up call to everyone. 

          PETA is known for staging productions about social awareness. “Rak of Aegis” met the standard of effectively exploring innumerable social issues. and was definitely successful in promoting awareness on the said issues . Kudos to all the great actors, musicians, and theater people who shared their God given talent. It’s a must-watch.

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