Sky Experience Adventure

Crown Regency Cebu Hotel Sky Experience Adventure  in Cebu, boasts of its Sky Walk Extreme located at the 37th floor .

I learned about the Sky Walk Extreme thru one of the travel magazines I once read. Since I myself is a thrill-seeker, I immediately entertained the idea of walking around the edge of parenthetically the tallest hotel building structure in the Philippines

I suddenly imagined the excitement and kick it will give me while doing it.I instantly know that the 360-degree view is awesome plus it passed international safety standards. I told myself it is absolutely safe.

My Cebu trip gave me an adrenaline rush because of this experience. I chose to do it at night for I love the city lights. Once there, I changed into an orange jumpsuit and white sneakers. I allowed the guide to strap me to safety with the harness and all. After some briefing on safety and support, I was given encouragement which inspired confidence in me.

At the start of the walk, an intimidating  platform greeted me, but there was no turning back. I just gave in and closed my eyes. I just hoped and prayed hard the harness around me was strapped very securely,so even if I fall off, I won’t be going down. But that is a long shot. There I was, I hang for awhile, walked tiptoed at first and eventually felt the power kicked in.

 By the way, I didn’t do the Crown Regency Cebu Sky Walk Extreme alone. I had with me some friends and the guide who walked along with us.”