thunderbird resort and hotel

It was the third weekend of May when I made a trip to
San Juan, La Union to chillax, bum around the beach , wished to catch some wave and hoped to surf. It was a wishful thinking.
I know that there was a very slim chance
that I can ride a surfboard. 

  During that time, I literally was a beach bum. 

After finishing a book by Bob Ong and
drinking some bottles of beer below zero,
I suddenly thought of going to some place else.
One of the locals I talked to advised me to go visit a famous resort which was located within the Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone in San Fernando, La Union . 

I learned that it was a Santorini-inspired resort and hotel called Thunderbird . Next thing I knew, I found myself heading to that relaxation and recreation place. 

Once I got there, I felt like I was somewhere 
in the  Meditteranean. 

 The dome caught my attention. 
 Thunderbird Resort is truly Santorini themed. 

The main lobby’s architecture , the furniture designs, the paintings hanging on the wall, and all the art pieces around. 
I saw all on white and blue colors. 


The resort has two pools - a children’s pool and an infinity pool overlooking the gulf . A perfect sight to behold. 

I had a great time. I enjoyed swimming at the pool. 
I loved the food and the fruit shake.

 I enjoyed the ambiance. 
It is indeed a great tourist attraction worth visiting. 


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