see well fit well

I used to have astigmatism (blurred vision) however, that was corrected with glasses. 
For couple of years, I have stopped wearing glasses. 

Just recently, I experienced a decline in vision. 
I found it so difficult to read books and newspapers.
 I noticed that I have to hold the reading materials further away 
so that I will be able to read the text. 
I've started the habit of blinking my eyes
 to see some objects clearly. 

My work requires me to be in front of a computer for 8 hours and I work 5 days a week. Moreover, after work hours, I expose myself to my surface to check on my personal emails and chat with 
my siblings who live across the globe. 

I love reading. My kindle fire is always beside me and I am the kind of person who usually go to book sale on malls. My eyes are so important to me. I don’t want to take things sitting down. 
I did what I needed to do.

 I went to an optometrist for an eye examination. It only took less than 45 minutes. She tested the condition of my eyes and looked for signs of general health problems. A series of tests were carried out to measure degree of my vision problem. I was eventually asked to choose from different lenses to determine which ones 
help the clarity of my eye sight.

I was diagnosed with presbyopia or “image jump” (the abrupt break from distance to near-field vision).  Apparently, I was one of those few people who read in low lighting or a dim room. I also experience trouble focusing on near objects. I was advised to wear Progressive Lenses. It’s what they call “solving a two-fold problem” . They help increase edge-to-edge clarity and offer a full range of vision correction, from up-close objects to those in the distance. Progressive lenses allow a more natural, 
flattering way of seeing the world. 

 So I took the optometrist’s advice. I now wear glasses with progressive lenses. I can now see at any distance, look ahead for intermediate vision, and look down to read my books/ebooks 
and do other close-up activities. 

 I now see well, and my glasses fit well.