chillaxin at the spa

I live a very active kind of life. I go to the gym regularly , I run, I box, I swim and I bike. These activities help me stay fit and let me sleep peacefully. However, there are times when I feel pain. That will be the moment when I head to a spa for some relaxation. 

One of my favorite spas is Wensha. I only need to pay P780.00 for a maximum stay of 8 hours. That includes a whole body massage, unlimited use of sauna/steam room, jacuzzi, eat all you can buffet and shabu-shabu. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I already went to all branches: Pasay, Timog and Antipolo.

 Once a payment was made at the reception area, a locker assignment is given with the key bracelet to match. 

Shoes must be surrendered but a pair of slippers will be provided for use. 

Once inside the locker room, a robe with a pair of shorts and a towel will be given. The robe and shorts can be worn at the dining area and massage area. However, wearing of robes at the wet spot is not allowed. You have to be totally naked.

 I follow this kind of routine:
*Once inside the locker I change to a robe, head to the dining area and eat a heavy meal for like an hour or two while watching TV. 

*Eventually I go to the wet area take a shower, stay and spend some time at the steam room and sauna. I enjoy taking a dip at the jacuzzi while watching a movie being shown on the big screen. I don’t mind being naked. It feels good and so free.


 I spend about 2 hours at the wet area. 
*Then I go straight to the massage room. 1 hour full body massage always does the works. It never fails to put me to sleep. That would take another hour for me. 
*After waking up, I eat a light snack and go back to the wet area. *Another hour will be spent there and eventually, I take a shower and dress up. Funny but I still manage to eat before going home. 

NOTE: I usually go to wensha from 1pm to 9pm. So, lunch, merienda and dinner are all covered. Talk about eat all you can to the highest level. CHILLAXin it really is.