adventure tour in Corregidor

I have been to Corregidor island before. I attended an International Leadership seminar. It lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. I didn’t get to see the attractions because I actively participated in the seminar and didn’t find time to explore the place. I only saw a few interesting spots which were walking distance away from our accommodation.

I knew then that there were so much to see on the island so, I just decided to go back when I have the luxury of time.

That time came. Let me tell you the experience I had when I returned to that island. I availed a day tour package thru Sun Cruises. It includes round trip ferry transfers, shrine entrance, terminal fees, guided island tour and buffet lunch. I arrived as early as 6am and waited till boarding time. 

The trip from Manila to Corregidor took about an hour or two. When we finally arrived at the island, there were trams waiting for us for the guided island tour. There were English, Korean and Japanese speaking guides. You can take your pick. I felt like I was a grade school on an educational field trip. That felt cool..totally!

The tour guide discussed Corregidor island as home of  historical treasures. It was also known as “The Rock”, the world’s most bombarded island during the World War II and strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. 

Let me share with you the attractions which were featured in the island. Enjoy the photos:

*Topside Middleside Barracks.It was built in 1915 but was destroyed by Japanese bombs on December 29th in 1941.

Middleside Barracks

Middleside Barracks

*Battery Way. It is where the four 12 inch mortars is located and used to protect the coast of ships which are threatening Manila. Construction of Battery Way started in 1909 and finished 5 years later in 1914. Battery Hearn.It’s on a 360 degree rotating platform and could do a big damage when active.

Battery Way

Battery Way

*Battery Hearn. It could fire a 454.5 kilogram shell to a range of 27 kilometres

*Mile Long Barracks. It is a long a strip of ruined buildings .

Mile Long Barracks

Mile Long Barracks

Topside Mile Long Barracks

*The Lighthouse. It is located on the Topside area of Corregidor, the highest point of the island. History told that on January14 year 1942 at noontime, 2 men bombed the majority of topside which badly damaged the Lighthouse. However the restoration was done in the 1950′s with the original stones but made with different design. It  now operates thru solar power. It is also a souvenir shop.

the lighthouse

*Eternal Flame of Freedom.  It is 12 meters high and symbolises never-ending liberty. It stands tall in memory of the battle of the US and the Philippines to keep the freedom of the country.

Eternal Flame of Freedom.

*Pacific War Memorial. It was built in 1968 dedicated to the Filipino and American soldiers who fought during the Second World War.

 In the middle is a marble and at the other end is a museum with history on Corregidor.

*MalintaTunnel. Light and Sound Show. An additional of Php 150.00/person for those who are interested to watch the It’s optional . 

Malinta Tunnel

Malinta Tunnel

I had a great time. It was a good way of learning the past. A better understanding of Philipine History during the war era.

Battery Hearn

Mile Long Barracks