I went to CHRISSports and bought a yoga mat last August. After the purchase, I was told that they are running an anniversary promo. I only need to take photo of the merchandise, post it on Instagram and tag them. I did all that. To my surprise, I won. My photo was chosen as one the winners for the Social Media Week 6 winners. They promised to give a Spalding ball and Sling Bag.

I was given the instructions that I need to give them private message and provide them with my contact details. I even chose the branch SM Megamall where I can claim my prize. I was told that I will receive a text message from them. So I waited. It’s been a month. I won August 26, and last September 27, I asked them when exactly can I claim my prize. Still, no words from them. It is now November 4th. CHRISSports still keeps me hanging.

It is not about the prize. It is about the great deal of winning. The excitement I felt and the anticipation of knowing I am one of the lucky winners gave me the thrill. And it all went down the drain.

I got the chance to chat with them a while back. I let them know I felt so cheated. And I hate the feeling of being scammed. I even said that I am filing a complaint thru DTI. They were so apologetic. They even asked if my cell number is still active because they sent me a text message before and they never got any response from me. My IPhone5 is in good condition. It is postpaid. I have the convenience of uninterrupted service. It is always on and never runs out of airtime.

I let them know that I was serious when I said I will contact the right authorities and file a complaint against them. 

After some apologetic words from them, I was informed I can already claim my prize and just feel free to drop by at their SM Megamall branch. 

I do not want  the prize anymore. I just told them to stop the promo. Stop the scam.

CHRISSports . . . you suck...!