FEEDING PROGRAM: Helping Others Never Goes Out of Style

“Poverty is a very complicated issue,
 but feeding a child isn't.” 
- Jeff Bridges

The company where I work for (Capital One) has a number of yearend program activities. One of those is an outreach which is called H.A.I.N. (Health Awareness and Intervention for Nutrition). It is a feeding activity for grade schoolers in AES (Alabang Elementary School). 

November 11th, 8 in the morning, Tuesday, our team took the opportunity of serving as volunteers so we can support the movement. It is our good way of carrying out team building activity. We were joined by another team. When we got to the location, we were briefly given the house rules and were eventually divided to do different tasks.

Four different groups were formed. The registration peeps, the pick up the kids in classsroom peeps, prepare food & feed the kids peeps, and dish washer peeps. I was assigned at the registration (I secretly wish to do the dishes though). 

Everything happened so fast. The kids were picked up from their classrooms, led to wash their hands, lined up for the registration and sent to the feeding room. The kids were all raring to go and check out what we had prepared for them. Smiles flashed when they saw the famous spaghetti waiting for them which promised good sweet taste. I deliberately took some photos to capture the moment. 

It lasted for an hour and a half and in spite of this,  it was fun and fulfilling. 

Through this H.A.I.N., I believe that in our own simple ways, we were able to help and made the kids feel that other people care for them. The significance of doing small things which brought meaningful smiles to the kids matters a lot. Without a doubt, it was a moving and heartening experience. It encouraged each one of us to exercise making other people happy. 

Christmas is just around the corner. It is now the season of giving. Being able to share God's blessings with the kids truly shows the essence and the reason for the season. 

H.A.I.N. made us realize that we could bring happiness to others. Being with the children was such a wonderful feeling particularly when we made them smile. The chance to intermingle with the less fortunate children will surely provide an additional learning in life. 

                        "Happiness and satisfaction are choices. 
                      We have our freedom to choose, 
      whether to have joy and be contented in life or not."
                                                              - Japol Orona