Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna

I heard and read somewhere that there is an existing authentic Korean Spa and Sauna around Makati area. It aroused my curiousity so I planned on going there. I searched on different promos and discount voucher.

I found  “Pure Sauna Indulgence with Jjimjilbang-Style Bath & Sauna Experience at Lasema Spa and Sauna for P475 instead of P550 from Metrodeal.

I bought a voucher immediately, called for reservation and showed up on the reserved date and time. It was on October 18th, Friday at  8pm.  What I like most about Lasema is they operate 24/7 and they allow guests to stay and enjoy the facilities for as long as 12 hours. 

Before entering the locker area. I was given 2 short towels and a set of tshirt and shorts. Shoes is definitely not allowed. I took off my sneakers and proceeded to the locker room. I found the locker as spacious and secured enough to leave my valuables.

Going totally naked in a Korean sauna is a given. I am very confident with my skin so, it is not a problem. Immediately, I slipped naked going thru the wet sauna area. I took a shower first. Shampoo and bar soaps came in handy. I secretly wished for wall-type dispensers for shampoo and liquid body soaps. Inside the wet area are two hot pools: the Green Hot Tea and Ginseng Hot which were 42 and 40 degrees in temperature respectively. Remember to slowly submerge into the pool to get the hang of it. I did the hot pools for 5-10 minutes. . There is also a 24 degree pooI so, after the hot pools, I eventually dipped in the cold pool. After all that, I got inside the wet sauna room made of wormwood. It has tolerable heat and surprisingly, I love the smell of damp wood. Afterwards, I took a shower, Two hours of stay in the wet area is good enough for me. I felt it was time to finally experience “jjim jil bang”. 

There 4 different kinds of sauna. First sauna room is the oak and clay (about 50-56degreesC). The second room is the salt and charcoal (50-53degreesC). There were pebbles on the floor and I laid down on my back to feel the heat . The third room is the dome clay (70-80degreesC). Now I know how it feels like  being baked in an oven. After going through all the hot sauna rooms, I then proceeded to the fourth – the ice room. It was really freezing but I loved it. Staying inside the cold room actuallycloses body pores. The total experience made me so lazy. 

After the sauna rooms, it was then the perfect time for the massage. 

There’s nothing special about the massage. It was just good enough to relieve my stress. It lasted for an hour. I ate at the snack bar after the massage. I had Korean ramen and grilled eggs. 

 I spent some time at the common room and watched TV. When I finally felt the need to sleep, I positioned myself in one of the cave rooms where I had my little privacy.

 I woke up at 7am and took a shower and left the place. Overall, it's a great experience and I still consider going back there to just relax and kill time.