MET Open House

I went to Metropolitan Museum of Manila to witness 
“MET Open House”. 

The ongoing art exhibits were truly amazing. 

There were some collections of French and Filipino artworks. 

The current display “Imaging Philippine Flora" 
 is worthy to be seen.

It featured different illustrations of Philippine plants and flora which were done during the 17th century by 
Fr. Manuel Blanco, a Spanish botanist. 

Furthermore, an interesting collection of contemporary art from Filipino artists is also being highlighted. 

Moreover, there was a free film showing at the MET Lab which I enjoyed watching.

The movie title was “Insiang”, a classic 1976 Filipino film directed by Lino Brocka.

 Hilda Koronel played the lead role together with the other actors: Mona Lisa, Ruel Vernal and Rez Cortez
It tells of a young poverty-ridden woman who seeks revenge for those who have ruined her life. 

Insiang is the first Filipino film to enter the Cannes Film Festival. 

There was post-movie discussion after the movie showing. 
Sandra Quan , MET’s director facilitated the discussion discussion with guest Ramon Nocon , a member of 
Society of Filipino Archivist for Film.

The overall experience made me realize the value of 
Philippine Arts.