New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are fun to make 

but extremely difficult to maintain.

Each January, someone always want to better 

themselves in some ways.

This year, I only picked 2 worthy resolutions and I decided to stick with them.

1. Take better care of my health.

Get fit by losing weight
I decided to get back to running outdoor.

Eat Healthy Food
I changed my grocery list, cross out on sweets and finger foods and added fruits and juices.

More sleeping time
I already bought fresh new bed sheets and pillows.
Had the AC unit checked for better performance.

Get back to the gym
Just renewed my membership at the  gym. 

2.   Spend less, save more

Avoid malls on payday sale. 
I will only buy those i need,  not what I want.

NOTE: All photos were taken from Google images.