printed books vs ebook

Reading books is fun. It also helps in killing time. 

The last time my dear sistah visited me from the US, her pasalubong gift for me was “kindle fire”. We are a family who loves to read. She knew then that I would be very happy and thrilled because it wasn’t even available here in the Philippines that time. 

 I have been enjoying my kindle for couple of years now. I totally enjoy being an e-reader. I definitely appreciate this gadget’s ability to store thousands of books. It is very convenient for a traveler like me who do a lot of reading on the go. 

Nevertheless, there were instances when I miss reading the real thing: Printed Book. 

**I was on board a plane going to Los Angeles, CA. I was already on the exciting/ climax part of the book when the time came when all passengers were asked to turn off all devices.

**I was on a long trip going north and forgot to charge my kindle. I was only able to read for a few minutes. I opted killing time by staring on the road until I fell asleep. 

**One summer at the beach, I read an ebook while lying on the sand under the heat of the sun. It wasn’t a good idea. I ended up hurting my eyes. It prevented me from reading books for the rest of the weekend. 

For quite some time, I stopped going to public libraries and bookstores. However, given the instances of the cons of ebooks, I realized I can’t say goodbye to printed books.

I rekindled my bond to it. I went to a book sale and purchase some paperbacks. 

All day long, books are better than ebooks. They’re easier to manage, and provide us with stories without having to be powered up.