Before OLAF, there was FROSTY the Snowman . . .

It has always been my dream of building a snow man. 

I finally got my chance when my favorite sistah brought me to Cape Elizabeth, Maine . She brought me there so I can see the remarkable Portland Headlight. (will blog about it soon).  

While we were walking and admiring the marvelous view of the place, I noticed a family of four frolicking and building a snowman

I first asked my sistah if we could stay longer and wait until that family finished the snowman

I was thinking of having a photo with the snowman beside me. On the other hand, a much better thing happened. 

They waved at us. I instantly asked them if I can join and help them build the snowman. 

They welcomed me and in an instant, I had the time of my life.

Three balls of snow were rolled in different sizes, then stacked on top of one another from biggest to smallest. Minutes passed and we’re done. We decorated the packed snowman

And I ended up with another granted wish.


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