Ice Fishing in Maine

During the frigid winter months, some people think that it can be a bit boring because it’s freaking cold outside and lots of stores are closed down. But, if you have a very adventurous sistah like mine, you will think otherwise. 

 I enjoyed being out on a frozen lake during my stay in Maine. My brotha-in-law (Mike) loves ice fishing. Mike  had a fishing license and got all the equipments needed for it. It is a kind sports for him.  For my sistah and I, it’s kind of a little recreation. 

We headed to the lake at the Long Pond in Parsonsfield in Maine. Once there, Mike looked for a great location. We started putting up a tent onto the middle of the frozen lake. 


Mike said that what we found was a perfect fishing spot. He immediately drilled a large hole completely through the ice until the open water can be seen.  He widened the hole with ice chisel and set up a line. We sat around and gulped down some bottles of beer. 

My sistah prepared our lunch. We waited for the fish to bite. My patience wore thin so I asked Mike to show me around and we did snowmobiling. 

When we got back, my sistah just told us that she saw the flag on the tip-up which meant that a fish made an appearance and bit. We didn’t catch the fish. As a matter of fact, we didn’t catch any. 

 Before sundown, we packed up and left. It still was a great time. I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the frozen lake.


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