Skiing tops my bucket list. I have always dreamed of doing it. 

Part of my itinerary on my Maine Adventure is to go to Harris Farm Stand & Cross Country Ski Center in Biddeford, ME where I can do different snow activities. 


The night before that big day, I already prepared everything that I needed. .

  • Sun cream. Skin protection from the sun, wind and cold. Moreover, it coats skin in a protective layer which stops wind and cold burn . 
  • Sunglasses. Eye protection from the sun rays and the cloud shade. 
  • Proper outfit *snow pants, not jeans.*synthetic sports socks.*layers of clothes with thermal top next to my skin *waterproof outside layer

I woke up so early in the morning and had a hearty breakfast.

Once I reached the place, I first looked for relatively comfortable boots. The pair I got allowed me to move my toes and never let my feet slip around from side to side. I had them as tight as comfortable around my calf muscles. 

Next , I was given skis which were 20-30cm shorter than my height. I was told those skis suited my ability since I was a newbie, shorter skis are definitely easier to turn. 

  I was given a brief ski lesson. 

3 important things to consider: 

  1. Know How to Stand Up. I learned my feet should be shoulder width apart so I can have a better base of support than if my feet are next to each other. Standing on skis has a massive impact on the likelihood of  falling over when sliding starts. 
  2. Know How to Move Your Skis. Skis are clamped to your boots. If you turn your foot to the right then your ski will also turn to the right. I first tried to pick one foot up at time, with my skis on. I turned them to the right and then to the left. I eventually got familiar with the feeling and learned which muscles to use. It was easy to learn. Just point the skis where you want to go by turning your feet.
  3. Know the Proper Stance. The most stable position when skiing is to have your feet shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing inwards and heels apart. To better understand, just make a V-shape (like a slice of a pizza pie. Remember to bend your knees and waist to some extent and position your arms out wide like you are about to hug somebody. 

Do not let fear hold you back from trying. 
Be smart.  Try to achieve and enjoy the experience.

Learning how to ski is synonymous to many lessons in life:

  • never give up and keep going
  • stand up when you fall, 
  • dust yourself off and start again
  • practice makes perfect

My favorite sister made this thing possible. She was my tour guide, photographer, and driver. She made my dream came true.

NOTE: Harris Farm not only offer skiing.They also rent snowshoes. They also have a great sledding hill. I will share with you about them in my next blog.